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What Clients Are Saying

Connor Associates has worked with some of the finest academic and non-profit organizations across the nation as well as overseas.

Connor Associates' comprehensive study of admission and marketing practices included predictive modeling, internal and external image audits, and a competitive analysis.  The analysis was extremely informative in helping us prioritize our efforts and identify our prime targets.  We were impacted by the transformative potential of all areas of our school, not just in admission and marketing.  We commend Mike Connor and Carolyn Stiles for their throughness and candor!

David W. Tilley, Head of School
Mount Paran Christian School
Atlanta (Kennesaw) GA

Last week's ACIS Conference for Heads of Schools and Trustees was a big success!  Your roundtable, keynote, and workshop helped set the tone by encouraging critical inquiry and collaboration to address the different challenges facing independent schools.  Thanks for traveling to Colorado to teach and inspire our school leaders!

Lee Quinby, Executive Director
Association of Colorado Independent Schools

When you met with our Board in March of 2014, you set the following goals for us:

  • Move from a 10-year average retention rate of 84% to 87% in three years. For the past three years our average retention rate has been 95%.
  • Increase our enrollment by 10% (144 students to 158 students) in three years. We will start the 2016-2017 school year at 168 or 169 and we will add about 7-10 students mid-year, an increase of 17% by next week and well over 20% by January 2017.

Those changes would not have occurred without your fabulous guidance. Thank you so much!

Dr. Robb Gaskins, Head of School
Benchmark School
Media, PA

Our process with Connor Associates has been intensive and has truly had an impact on our organization as a whole – well beyond marketing. It has strengthened leadership overall, has insured integral connections for faculty around marketing efforts, and has bolstered Board engagement.  Mike and his team have absolutely lived up to his reputation. I can’t say enough about him.

In our 11-month engagement with Mike Connor and Connor Associates Strategic Services, we’ve completed an internal analysis, external image audit and alumni survey, psychodemographic analysis of potential families, a Board Sphere of Influence Survey, and this fall will embark on a competitive market analysis and marketing plan.


Regina Rodriguez, The John G. Levi Advancement Officer
Francis W. Parker School
Chicago, IL

The Board Retreat you led for us was fantastic! Great session with lots of engagement.  We got terrific feedback from Board members and were really pleased about the points you made about their responsibilities in these competitive times.

Kristine Hyde, Board Chair
St. Michael's Episcopal Day School