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Jimmy Rudolph

Digital Media Associate

Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Jimmy joined Connor Associates in 2016 as its Digital Media Associate. He is the founder and president of The Red Nose Film Company and has been providing video production services across the United States for over seven years.

While he has served a diverse array of clients with their video needs, he earned Connor Associates’ attention for his work with inRESONANCE, an educational technology company based in Massachusetts, to produce videos for their website and user conferences.  Connor hired him to create a video for his Enrollment Feasibility and Five-Year Forecasting service. He has also created promotional material for The Wheeler School, The Greene School, and Vartan Gregorian Elementary.

Outside of education, Jimmy has collaborated with many successful companies, such as Ambrosino/Delmenico and Bunkr. One of his proudest partnerships is with Treanor Brothers Animation, a leading 3D animation studio in the United States.

Prior to his recent work, Jimmy worked in the assistant director’s department on feature films. Along with credits on larger productions such as Black Mass and American Hustle, starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, he learned how to stretch budgets and time to get the absolute most for each dollar and each minute. 

With a background in many facets of film production, Jimmy understands not just the creative aspects of filmmaking, but the logistical and budgetary side as well. His talents have helped numerous clients literally realize their vision. As all of our clients have demonstrated need for compelling visual digital content, Connor Associates welcomes Jimmy as our Digital Media Associate.